Life Settlements

Your Unwanted Life Insurance Policies

Life settlement, simply put, is the process of selling, in the secondary market, a life insurance policy one no longer needs or wants. There is a large secondary Life Settlement market for life insurance policies and the market continues to grow.

Think about this: it’s commonplace to sell houses, cars and stocks.  Why not sell one’s life insurance policy?

Life insurance is an asset just like any other. Think of life insurance in this manner and you’ll realize there is value there – value you can “unlock” under appropriate circumstances.

In the past one would simply let a policy lapse or surrender the policy for whatever surrender values had accumulated. No longer! With the advent of the secondary market in life insurance policies, one may sell their unwanted or unneeded policies to institutional buyers for potentially more than the policy’s surrender value. This will work with most any life policy – term insurance*, universal life or whole life.

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