Our Approach

W. H. Black & Company is an insurance agency specializing in helping the consumer purchase the right product at the right price.

The middle market is, according to statistics, underinsured, if insured at all. Our mission is to make life insurance readily available to everyone and without sales pressure.

On our web site you will receive an actual quote and the ability to apply for a policy immediately.  There is no “someone will contact you” pitch.  We give you the quote and the ability to apply without pressure.  If you would like to be contacted, we encourage you to let us know and we will do so.  Or, call us at any time.  Our toll free number is 888.412.4120.

As a broker, we are not tied to any specific insurer; we can and do represent most every A-rated (or better) life insurance company.  That allows us to search the market and acquire the right policy for you.

Bill is frequently asked, “Aren’t all policies the same?  Isn’t life insurance life insurance?”

The answer is a definite “No”.  How can that be?

As an example, some level-premium term policies are not fully guaranteed and that means the carrier may, at their discretion, raise rates during the level period.  They may not raise rates, but “reserve the right” to do so.  We believe that when our clients purchase a level-premium term policy the premium should be guaranteed level for the entire level period.  No unpleasant surprises in the future!

Furthermore, not all insurers look at impairments the same way.  One company may decline for diabetes (or other issues) while another may offer standard or even preferred rates.  One company may give a tobacco rate for any form of nicotine use (a patch, dip, cigars, etc.) while another will only give tobacco rates for cigarette use.

That is where we come in, knowing how to navigate the companies to secure you, the consumer, the best rates available.

Bill Black, president of W. H. Black & Company, has been in the life insurance industry for 35 years.  Bill is a Life and Qualifying Member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), a member and 15 time qualifier of the prestigious Top of The Table (TOT), a subset of MDRT members representing the upper 1% of all life insurance agents worldwide.

For an immediate quote,  http://www.billblack.myaxa-advisors.com/2.htm